About Sun Parlour Beemers

Sun Parlour Beemers is an informal group of BMW motorcycle owners and friends from Windsor, Ontario, Canada who like to get together for breakfast and rides.

We are getting together about once a month for a breakfast meeting. Please join us so that we can share our fascination with these wonderful machines. Anyone is welcome, whether you own an F650, an R twin, or a K bike, you are welcome. If you don't own a Beemer, or don't even own a motorcycle, that is okay, too.


I (Phil Aylesworth) bought my Beemer in November 2004 and started looking for someone to talk to about BMWs. I started going to the Motor City Beemer meetings in Troy MI. That is such a great bunch of people I thought it would be nice if we could do that here.

Sue and I met another couple from the area with the same R1150RT as me. We got talking and decided it would be nice to have a local group. He and I started meeting for breakfast and so I decided to make a website (since that is what I do) and had to come up with a name. I guess I followed the Motor City Beemers and used the name Sun Parlour since it refers to Windsor/Essex County rather than have a convoluted, inclusive name like Windsor Essex County BMW Riders. The name and website where registered March 16, 2005, so I guess that marks our inception.

We started to get together for Breakfasts (my original buddy never came) but Toivo and Maureen came regularly and held the group together when I could have easily given up. Slowly the group grew to the point where it is pretty established.

Fran took over the responsibility of sending out the reminder. Fran and Steve that came up with the idea of lunch rides. For these we would venture further away to make a longer ride of it. I only made it to a few but really enjoyed them. Steve and Fran kept them going even when they where the only ones.

The get togethers vary from intimate to a crowd. Come on out and join us!